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Melbourne Video Production, With a Twist

The Rusty Cage is a video production company with offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. We have been servicing all areas of content creation since early 2000 and in that time have brought together a highly skilled and creative team of industry professionals. Our video production services cover all areas, from concept development and pre-production, to shooting, post production and delivery of the final product. We are able to create content in any format and generate cross platform media solutions to suit whatever your needs. Whether you’re wanting to make a documentary, after live event coverage, digital content for your website and socials, need a TV commercial or have an idea for a television series, The Rusty Cage can turn your idea into a reality.

Video Production and Live Streaming made easy

Creative Projects

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Television, documentaries and much more. We love to work with creatives with exciting ideas.

Travel, Lifestyle, Adventure

Charity and NFP

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When it’s time to create something with meaning, we have the experience and the team to make it happen.

Charity, Not for Profit, Humanitarian


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From one-off projects, to ongoing business projects – we help Melbourne companies to look their best.

Schools, Real Estate, Business

Video Production Melbourne Companies Trust

The Rusty Cage specialises in video production in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Hobart. Over the years we have had the privilege of creating the highest quality content for numerous clients across a myriad of industries, from healthcare, government and construction, to education, real estate and motoring. Our team works alongside clients throughout the process, starting at ground level with concept development, then through every step of the way until the final content has been mastered. We’re a full-service video production company, combining creativity, passion, expertise and modern processes to tell your unique story.

We have multi-talented teams dedicated to each key area of production that we service. Our livestream department is a tech savvy bunch that can bring any event to life through immersive live production that engages audiences. The corporate and commercial video team are creative story tellers, specialising in the art of interpreting the ideas of clients and translating them into powerful video that cuts through the clutter. The third arm of the business is our long form department, creating television programs, documentaries and web series, including factual, observational docos, brand funded TV and sports coverage. Visit for more on that!

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The Melbourne Video Production FAQ

How long does video production take?

The time it takes from creative development to delivering the final master will vary greatly depending on the scope of your project. Some material can be turned around within 24 hours, while others can take a year of more of pre-production before we even press record! At the end of the day, it’s like asking “How long is a piece of string?” But rest assured, we will be able to work within whatever timeframe you have.

When we first talk, our Video Production Melbourne team will be able to walk your through a draft schedule, approximate budget and the turnaround time that you can expect if we work together. We are always forward in providing an achievable   timeline based on your unique project requirements. Rest assured that unlike other video production companies in Melbourne, we won’t compromise your project so we can quickly move on to someone else’s and you can trust that we won’t make promises we can’t keep. Our Video Production Melbourne team will work with you to create the best possible result within an achievable time frame.

Will it take up a lot of my time?

That’s up to you! We are the professionals when it comes to bringing your idea to life. Along the way we will keep you in the loop and ensure that your vision is in line with the content that we’re creating – but if you’re keen to be across everything in detail, then let us know and we can design a workflow that allows that to happen.

We are passionate about working collaboratively with our clients, workshopping ideas along the way. Our goal is to create an end-product that not only makes you proud of what you do, but also content we’re stoked to share with our community too. You will have access to our Video Production Melbourne knowledgebase and their extensive experience, so that we can translate your ideas into an impactful video.

What can I do to help?

The key to achieving the best results lies in clarity of communication. From the beginning, it’s great if you can share with us as detailed a concept as you can. Any examples of what you do and don’t like are a great help, as is a draft script. Plus, along the way you should feel confident to honestly articulate what you think. We’re here for you and are always keen for clients to guide the way. That said, if you’d rather have a more hands-off approach, that’s fine too. We can tailor a workflow to suit your needs.

Can I Organise a Consultation?


Reach out any time via email or phone and our production manager Dave will be happy to get the ball rolling. We can jump on Zoom or Facetime, chat over the phone, or even grab a coffee! To be honest, a chat at a café is a nice way to connect and start the working relationship. But of course, we know you’re probably busy, so a Zoom meeting is also a great way to connect.

The initial consultation will allow the Video Production services Melbourne team to throw around ideas and workshop your concept to determine a rough budget. If we’re confident we can be of service, our crew will gladly put together a formal proposal and pricing. However, if we get the sense that we aren’t the ideal team for you, we will connect you with another production company that we think would be a better fit – pretty simple hey!

Can You Produce My Documentary or TV series?

We sure can! If you have the vision and a suitable budget, we have the producers, script developers, production crew, equipment and post-production skills to tackle just about any project. If you don’t have your finance in place, we can work through that part with you too. Our highly experienced team can take a simple idea and turn it into a long form TV series, documentary or whatever content style you’re after. Just ask Andrew, who turned his dream of a documentary series about the best bakers in the world, into a reality with “For the Love of Bread”.

Why should I use you when there are cheaper options?

Would you go for the cheapest option if you were buying a car? No, you look at the options out there that suits your needs, weigh up the pros and cons, then go with the best alternative for your budget. That’s the same logic you should us when it comes to producing video content. The low-cost guys might be able to get something in the can for you, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for.

The goal should be to make the best possible content you can. After all, it’s going to be used to represent you to clients and is often the first point of engagement. So you want to leave a lasting, positive impression, which is why you want the best Video Production Company Melbourne has to offer – Us! (Well that’s what we like to think)

Can I see updates along the way?

Of course! As we work through the post-production process, the Video Production Melbourne team will share progress updates and previews as your project moves through the various stages of production. These progress reports mean that you will see exactly how things are coming together and ensure that the project is in-line with the vision that you have set out. During this process, we encourage you to share feedback and and ideas that you may have.

Do You Do Corporate Videos?

We certainly do. We have a specialised Corporate Video Production Melbourne crew that is dedicated to the creation of corporate videos that stand out from the crowd. While some video production companies in Melbourne use a cut and paste approach with a standardised format, we instead take a customised approach. We will work with your agency or marketing team to create a video that is as unique as you are. Whether you are working in education, technology, medical, fashion or finance, we have the creative team and production experience to create stunning videos that communicate your message.

How Much Does Video Production in Melbourne Cost?

The cost of video production services Melbourne will depend on the nature of your project.

It all comes down to what you want to create, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg! The Rusty Cage, might bit be the lowest cost Video Production Company Melbourne has to offer, but we’re also not the most expensive you’ll come across either. We quote based on the project – not by the hour or by the number of revisions that are required. Our strategy is to work with the client to ensure that we are cost -effective, without skimping on quality. There are no sneaky additional fees at the end or hidden costs. This means you can relax without having to worry about running over time or incurring unexpected costs.

Are you the cheapest video production company in Melbourne?

This is a strange question we have been asked a few times before. And in the simplest of terms, the answer is no. I think we’re asked this in the hope that we can do some sort of JB Hi-Fi style price matching. That’s certainly not our game. If you want the cheapest Video Production Company Melbourne has, then you probably shouldn’t be hiring anyone and just get our your mobile phone.

There are plenty of low-cost video production companies in Melbourne that will gladly take on your project and make something on a shoestring budget – we’re not one of them. We have a quality, rather than quantity approach to projects that means we can make something we can all be proud of. We have built our reputation on producing high-quality content that will showcase your vision in a professional manner that will engage viewers.

Who Owns the Video Once It is Finished?

Upon completion of the project and after your invoice has been settled, you will have sole ownership and copyright over the content, including any raw footage. This may or may not be extended to music or talent fees, as this depends on the type of licensing acquired. In most cases the music will be royalty free or composed specifically for your project. We will always make you aware of any potential ongoing costs prior to making any decisions.

In What Format Will I Receive the Video Files?

We can deliver in any format required, and will work with you to determine what’s best for the platform on which you intend to use the content. On most occasions, we will output the final master in a few different file types so that you have freedom to use it wherever you may need.

Do you keep a backup of my video?

Yes. We keep duplicates of all client projects for at least of four years. This means that if something happens to your copies, such as being lost when you move offices or accidentally deleted, we will be able to replace them. If you would like us to keep a backup of your video for more than four years, you can enquire about our archive services.

Will my video go viral?

It’s a possibility, but we’d hate to guarantee it! If we are making an educational video about how to grow grass – then it’s not likely to become an internet sensation. However, if we are making a video with an original, creative idea that happens to capture attention at just the right time – then there is a chance that it will go viral. It can be very difficult to predict what is going to garner the attention of the online masses. I mean, who would have thought Gangnam Style would have had a billion views on YouTube in less than 6 months?

Why Should I Invest In Video Production?

Video production services are a great way to improve your business. At The Rusty Cage, we can help you to create videos that will promote your products or services and help you to reach a wider audience. We can also provide you with the tools and resources you need to make your videos more effective.

There are many benefits of video production services. Video is an increasingly popular medium, and it is a great way to reach potential customers. It is also a great way to build brand awareness and loyalty. Videos can be used to educate, inform, and entertain viewers. They can also be used to sell products or services.

At The Rusty Cage, we can help you to create videos that are both effective and engaging. We can also provide you with the resources you need to make your videos more effective. We can help you to reach a wider audience, and we can help you to build brand awareness and loyalty.

Can Video Production Boost Online Visibility?

Yes, video production services can have a tangible increase in the number of visitors that find your business through google.

If you’re looking to enhance your SEO in Melbourne, video production services can be a great asset. By creating engaging videos that grab attention and drive traffic to your site, you can significantly boost your online presence.

Not only will your videos be more likely to be seen by potential customers, but they’ll also help you build trust and credibility. In today’s competitive market, these are essential ingredients for success.

What are some of the services that you offer?

As a full service production company, The Rusty Cage works across all areas of the process to turn your idea into an engaging video resource. Some of the most common services our Video Production Melbourne team provides are:

  • Creative development and crewing
  • Script writing
  • Livestreaming
  • Explainer Videos
  • Training Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Product Videos
  • Promotional Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Corporate Video Production

Our video production services encapsulate a wide variety of tasks. In essence, our role as the leading video production company Melbourne has to offer is taking your idea, and turning it into an engaging, professional video that brings you results.

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