Google finding pride 2022 campaign

Google Pride Campaign 2022

The Rusty Cage is proud to have played a major role in producing the Google Pride Campaign for 2022. In collaboration with VICE Asia Pacific, we consulted with several other talented creatives and production partners in Singapore, Japan, India, Australia and Thailand. Working with stakeholders across multiple countries and diverse shoot locations, this project involved complex logistics and management processes.

The four-part series brings attention to the ongoing struggles of the LGBTIQA+ community and how Google’s search engine is connecting them, while increasing awareness and acceptance through access to resources and community.

Our Part

The Rusty Cage oversaw the shoots and managed the postproduction process. We shot the AU content and the brought together a team to handle all editing, colour grading and sound design. We also worked in the development of the creative with the talented teams at Google and VICE.

Hero Film – “Google Finding Pride 2022”

Australia Video

India Video

Japan Video

Thailand Video

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