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Sell the sizzle with real estate video production services that display your inventory in the best possible light. Residential, commercial, sales, and leasing – we’ll take care of the visuals.

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Real Estate Video Production Services

The power of using video for your real estate listing is undeniable. Using real estate video production showcases the location and neighbourhood around the property, the architecture and design of the house, and the various features and functionality within the home. A high-quality video in 4k provides an immersive experience for prospective buyers and gives them a complete and authentic feel for the property. In 2023, if you want to stand out from the competition, quality video production and storytelling through video is an incredible way to do it.

Standard photographs of properties are no longer enough. Today’s consumer expects more and wants to get a true sense of the property before making an offer or even viewing it. When you harness the power of real estate video production and partner with us at The Rusty Cage, you will transform your marketing, increase your inquiries, and ultimately boost property sales.

End-to-End Real Estate Videography

Showcasing property, creating visions.

Pre-Production Planning
Location Scouting
Equipment Preparation
Access Coordination
Staging and Preparation
On-Site Videography
Aerial Videography
Interior Walkthrough
Exterior Shots
Lifestyle Shots
Twilight Shots
Supplementary Footage
Audio Recording
Video Editing
Colour Correction and Grading
Graphics and Text Overlay
Final Delivery

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What is Real Estate Video Production?

Our real estate video services are so much more than raw footage of a property. Professional video production is a creative asset to tell a story. We can use video production for whatever you need. Whether it’s a cinematic walk-through of the entire property and its surroundings or a branding video filled with positive testimonials from happy clients, video content provides an interactive and engaging method to tell the story.

Our video content goes a lot further than just your website listings. In 2023, capturing compelling video content is essential to any company’s marketing strategy, no matter what industry you are in.

Video marketing in real estate has changed the game. At The Rusty Cage, our comprehensive video production services cover everything from storyboarding to video production and producing a final product to suit your needs. We capture and create tailored video content in whatever format you need – whether it’s for a website listing, for your LinkedIn, for TV, or anything in between.

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Real Estate Videography FAQs

Why is Real Estate Video Production Important?

In 2022, 80% of global internet traffic came from video. In the last couple of years, we have also seen social media giants like Instagram completely shift the user experience on their platform, so video is prioritised ahead of images (which is what they became famous for).

With this shift in consumer consumption patterns, the importance of using video in real estate has never been greater. In Australia’s competitive property market, real estate agents must stand out, and video production allows you to do just that.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Video?

From online listings to storytelling and social media content, real estate video content will draw more eyes to your listing, strengthen consumers’ perceptions of your brand, and, most importantly, boost your property sales.

While quality video content is the best way to depict the interior and exterior of a home, it can be much more than this. A whopping 73% of homeowners say they would choose a realtor that uses video rather than a competitor that doesn’t. This proves that a professionally produced video builds trust with buyers and sellers and solidifies your business as a market leader.

With figures like this, you assume everyone is capitalising with video content, right? Well, they’re not. Only 10% of real estate agents are actually using video for their listings and marketing campaigns, which is great news for your business. If you jump on this opportunity and collaborate with a creative partner like The Rusty Cage, you can quickly stand out and separate yourself from the pack.

What’s Involved in the Process?

High-quality real estate videos create immersive experiences for potential buyers, transcending the conventional use of photographs to tell a story. Real estate videos are interactive and versatile. A well-made video allows prospective buyers and dreamers to explore every corner of a property, from the driveway to the ensuite bathroom.

3D tours are just one element of real estate video production. In 2023, the opportunities available to real estate agents through video content to reach more clients and sell more properties are endless. In particular, the use of drone video for real estate has changed the game. With high definition, 4k content and the use of drone footage, your estate agents can tell an authentic story and gather a bank of valuable assets from guided tours, customer testimonials, and cinematic neighbourhood profiles.

At The Rusty Cage, we create videos in whatever format you need. We provide videos to be embedded onto your website, included in listings, and for every social media platform. Some clients prefer longer-form content for LinkedIn or YouTube, whereas others want short and dynamic content for Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. Whatever it is you need, we will make it happen.

How can Real Estate Video Production Boosts Property Sales?

In a world of social media, smartphones, and scrolling, the way that people search for properties has changed. In 2023, 51% of prospective home buyers use YouTube as the first destination in their property search. When they are skilfully and properly produced, high-quality real estate videos are guaranteed to increase inquiries and boost real estate sales tenfold. Still need more convincing? Let’s take a look at the stats:

• In 2022, 3.37 billion internet users were consuming video content
• 82% of global internet traffic in 2022 came from video.
• 86% of home buyers prefer video content to learn about a property.
• 73% of people selling a home would choose an estate agent who actively uses video to boost sales rather than an agent who doesn’t.
• 63% of prospective home buyers will make an offer without seeing the property in person and solely from the videos and content they see online.
• Video content can boost traffic to your website by 200-300%.
• For real estate listings, you will get over 400% more inquiries when you use video content vs when you don’t.

Where Do You Work?

At The Rusty Cage, we specialise in professional real estate videography services across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Hobart. For over 20 years, we have been working with real estate agents to increase inquiries and boost sales through quality, compelling video content and our professional video services.

We are a full-service video production company dedicated to helping you sell properties. From storyboarding and content planning to producing high-quality content for your website and marketing channels, we look after the entire video production process. Our real estate video production process follows 3 simple steps:

How Can We Get Started?

Before anything else, we take the time to understand your business, your story, and your goals. It’s impossible for us communicate your message, without understanding your ambitions. So, we take the time to chat and collaborate with you, we listen to what you need, and we use our 20 years of experience creating content in the real estate industry to develop a bunch of video ideas, and creative strategies to get your listings in front of more eyeballs.

Whether it’s a cinematic video of the entire interior and exterior of the property, a collection of customer testimonials, market advice from your expert agents, or comprehensive suburb and neighbourhood profiles – the opportunities are endless, and we have the experts to make it happen.

Do You Offer End to End Production?

Yes. Video production is where we shine. We love the nitty-gritty of creating video content. With two decades of industry knowledge, we have developed a bulletproof process to produce tailored videos for our clients in real estate, from pre-production to post and everything in between. Setting up the lighting and sound, capturing the content, and carefully editing the story together, we love it all. At The Rusty Cage, we manage every element of the video production process, so you don’t need to worry.

What Will I Receive?

This is what you come to us for – the final product. Taking the initial spark of inspiration, we handle all the post-production to provide a polished final product and tailored videos to match your required tone and format, from 10-minute cinematic videos for YouTube to 10-second informative and interactive clips for Instagram.

Why Choose Us for Real Estate Videography?

At The Rusty Cage, we’re more than a video production company; we are your creative partner. With over 20 years of working with real estate agents and brokers in Australia, we are experts at crafting professional videos that capture your listings, elevate your brand, and build trust with buyers and sellers.

We are passionate about storytelling and have seen the difference a good story can make when selling a home. Our award-winning team of creators and real estate video experts are dedicated to one thing – boosting your sales with the best real estate video production on the market.

Our comprehensive services span ideation to post-production, creating a seamless journey from concept to reality. Partner with us today and transform your real estate business through immersive video content and compelling storytelling.

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